Quicksys DiskDefrag

Quicksys DiskDefrag Beta

Defrag and optimize your hard drive with ease


  • Easy to use, light on resources
  • Quick and effective
  • Defrag can be focused on fragmented files or on optimizing free space


  • No extensive scheduling options

Very good

Defragmenting is a boring yet necessary maintenance that helps you improve your system's performance. This is why you should rely on a dedicated program to defrag your disk.

Quicksys DiskDefrag is a simple, lightweight disk defragmenter that defrags all the hard drives on your system – including USB removable drives - and optimizes free space to make the most out of it. The program shows a list of all the drives currently present on the system, and lets you perform a quick analysis before actually starting the defrag process.

Despite its basic appearance, Quicksys DiskDefrag does hide some interesting features: you can set it to switch the computer off once the drive has been completely defragmented, and also limit the process to only work with fragmented files or only optimize free space. It could be great if these options included further scheduling settings though.

Quick Quicksys DiskDefrag you can easily defrag hard drives and removable devices, filtering the process only to fragmented files or space optimization if necessary.

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Quicksys DiskDefrag


Quicksys DiskDefrag Beta

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